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Rotary is a "nation in the spirit of good", where passionate individuals meet to create the change we have all been waiting for.

No one can change the world by themselves, the force of united individual efforts, knows no limit.

Paul Harris

We owe the impact Rotary has in the world to our members – people like you, people who see in others the potential to unite and to take action so as to create durable change in their communities, but in themselves as well; people who have the same desire to return the divine good that has been bestowed upon them. Some of us are favored by fate and, to thank for the blessings we have received throughout time, we focus our attention on giving something back.

We have communities all around the world and our people of action come together in meetings to strengthen their relationship with friends and neighbors and to put into practice their commitment to better lives.


Who can join?

We are looking for altruistic people, people who wish to make a change for the better both in their lives, but especially in the lives of others.

How can you become a member?

Clubs accept new members based on invitation. To help us find you a suitable club or even to set up a new club, we would like you to answer a few questions about you and your interest. Then, based on these answers, we will find you the right club.

What are the benefits?

When you become a Rotary member, you actually become a member of a huge family where professionals from different fields share your passion and your desire to give back.

When you are part of Rotary, you are welcomed wherever you do - Rotary members are always friendly and open to make you feel at home, even when you are on the other side of the world.. Rotary opens a door to a group where not everyone can join. Member selection is very strict, because we want to have among us only people who are really passionate, who desire to make durable changes for the better. That is why, once you become a member, you will have the opportunity to meet amazing people, in networking sessions that are both very informative, but also very relaxing and fun.  

Being a member in Rotary satisfies a basic human need – the need for friends. This is actually the reason Paul Harris started, in 1905, the meetings of the first Rotary Club. In Rotary we make friends for life, in our local communities and in international ones, and the people we meet in Rotary are part of a network of local and international leaders, who we consider our equals.  

Rotary club members who travel have friendly contacts in almost every city in the world. Under the motto “The pin lets you in,” visiting a Rotary club during one of your travels will offer you access to local resources and information. Plus, Rotary clubs can offer you quick assistance in finding things you may need, like doctors, lawyers, dentists etc, while you are travelling.

Your involvement in a Rotary club automatically integrates your family into the community support network. Here you can make friendships that last a lifetime. The projects you take part in can be an ideal opportunity to work with your children and to teach them the value of self-service.

Rotary members are prominent people: leaders of business, the professions, art, government, sports, military, religion, and all disciplines. Rotary is the oldest and most prestigious service club in the world. Its ranks include executives, managers, and professionals – people who make decisions and influence policy.

Being a Rotary member immediately connects you with a wide range of professions and professionals, in your club, your city, your region or worldwide. We encourage our members to do business with each other because we trust Rotary members. Professional diversity is one of Rotary’s core values. Due to this diversity and our ethical treatment of each other, our members can be confident in creating many long-term business relationships.

Rotary offers members the opportunity to make a difference and it offers them exclusive benefits to express their passion for helping others. Rotary allows members to dream big and, through, structure, networking and available resources, it helps them put these dreams in practice. Our members are the ones to decide what projects to do – from global polio eradication, to local beautification projects. What you can dream, you can create. What you can dream, you can be.

Rotary is an organization of leaders and successful people. Serving in Rotary positions is like a college education. Leadership – learning how to motivate, influence, and lead leaders.

Membership in Rotary continues one’s growth and education in human relations and personal development. Each week at Rotary there is a program designed to keep one informed about what is going on in the community, nation, and world. Each meeting provides an opportunity to listen to different speakers and a variety of timely topics.

Membership in a Rotary club makes one a better citizen. The average Rotary club consists of the most active citizens of any community.

Every Rotarian wears a pin that says “Rotary International.” There are few places on the globe that do not have a Rotary club. Every Rotarian is welcome – even encouraged – to attend any of the 32,000 clubs in 200 nations and geographical regions. This means instant friends in one’s own community and in the world community.

What do we expect from you?

Once you become a Rotary member you must:

Pay the membership fee

$170/year, meaning 0.38 cents/day

Get involved

You must attend physical or online activities of the club, events or projects.

Add value

You must use your skills and talents to make a change

What are the steps?

Joining a Rotary club is invitation-based. We want to make sure you are joining the right club for you. We connect you to the suitable club that will help you join the club and participate in projects.


You express interest


We find you a suitable club


A local club gets in touch with you


The club invites you to join


You start the process of becoming a member

a great family

Fill out the form and upload a CV. We will come back to you with additional information.

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