What is an E-club?

An e-club looks very much like any other Rotary club – they have weekly meetings, community projects, they support the Rotary Foundation, and they socialize.

Why E-club?

As an example, we can think of the people in diaspora.

The impossibility to participate in club meetings can be due to a very busy schedule, often traveling, health limitations or handicap, or living too far from a Rotary club.

Online Meetings

Online meetings can be the best choice, especially if members have very busy schedule, reduced mobility or live in an area that does not have Rotary clubs.

Even though most meetings are online, the members of an e-club can decide to meet in person, for projects, social activities or to attend Rotary events, such as the Rotary Convention or District Conferences.
Therefore, e-clubs are not only for the diaspora, but for people in the country as well – people whose busy schedules do not allow them to attend a regular Rotary club.

How to Have an Online Meeting:

For instance, a club member posts content on the message board for the other members to respond to throughout the week.

In the beginning, your club will need:

E-cluburile Rotary
de succes
au câteva lucruri în comun

  1. Commitment to excellence;
  2. Intelligent leadership;
  3. Sound organizational planning;
  4. Meaningful projects and activities;
  5. Continuous contact with members;
  6. Harmonious member interactions and fellowship;
  7. Careful membership development;
  8. Close engagement with the Rotary District;
  9. Effective use of appropriate technologies.