Be part of the Mentoring Program of District 2241 Romania & Moldova!

The mentoring program brings the entire Rotary family together.
Through this program we can create bridges between the 2 generations, facilitating a transformative experience for both parties.

You can be part of the mentoring program either as a mentor or as a mentee:
o Be part of the Program as a mentor: The mentors we are looking for in this Program are members who want to get involved in and connect with the Rotaract community by providing mentoring for at least one Rotaract member in District 2241; mentors have the openness to create a suitable framework for development, empathic listening and guidance, all based on the mentoring process, which is developed to meet the objectives of the mentee.

O Be part of the Program as a mentee: members who want to develop, personally and professionally; members who want to develop their connection to the Rotary community and to understand how organization actually works. Mentees are members who have clear development goals and are open to sharing them with the mentor in the mentoring program, seeking with them the optimal and most authentic way to achieve them.