Time is no longer on our side when it comes to the effects of pollution on the environment. Latest studies show that there is not enough space on Earth to plant the number of trees needed to stop the climate warming by 2 degrees Celsius. Our annual carbon emission is of 30-40 billion tons. It is naive to think that the impact we have on our environment is reversible.

We are facing a critical situation

Year after year, extreme phenomena are more powerful, more paradoxical. We have winters without snow, unimaginably high temperature records at the North Pole, red codes for hail. To stop the increase of the average temperature and to avoid this increase with 2 degrees, which can become a huge problem, we should completely stop our carbon emissions.

What does this 2-degree increase really mean?

It seems like a little, but at a global level, the effects are devastating. This is the temperature at which ice caps in Greenland and West Antarctica become unstable and melt in record time, in alarming conditions. If the entire ice cap in Antarctica melted, the sea level would rise by 3 meters! If the entire ice cap of Greenland melted, the sea level would rise by an additional 7 meters! How would life look like in these conditions? Life would be almost impossible. Dramatic for certain.

Throughout time there have been theories about how Global Warming is about to wreak havoc on our planet, about how our carbon emissions are getting us on the brink of disaster and about how pollution can be the cause of death of our planet. Unfortunately, these theories are starting to come to life and the effects can be felt in globally and in our daily lives.

The only way we can hope for change is to take action


What Do We Do about It?

We plant trees. Scientists seem to think that if we planted enough trees, we would be able to stop some of the carbon emissions. Trees need CO2 to develop and they offer oxygen in return. Therefore, massive plantings would be one of the solutions that could slow down, if not stop completely the effects of Global Warming.

We clean. Pollution has reached worrying numbers and it has a massive impact on our environment. Rotary take many actions towards informing the public about the effects of pollution and we decided to take even more actions to involve citizens in projects that involve cleaning the green areas. Active implication NOW is our only chance.

We can do it together!

Even though the forecast is bleak, Rotary never loses hope and we take action NOW! We have understood the environment problem a long time ago and we have worked to stop the effects on the planet ever since. We made efforts to protect and support forest growth in our district, an activity that is important to support further.


Together we manage to plant hundreds of thousands of trees annually, all over Romania. Rotary, Rotaract and Interact clubs, alongside with volunteers from our communities, work side by side to grow our forests, through tens of planting projects we are doing in our District. The bad forecasts we have been seeing are reversible and together we will succeed to leave behind a cleaner Earth that is richer in forests.