Health is Everything

400 million people in the world cannot afford or do not have access to basic healthcare, this is the harsh reality. The right to healthcare is a fundamental one and Rotary strongly believes this, therefore we have decided to develop many projects in this area of interest.

Our healthcare system has many flaws and this is true not only for Romanian, but for the entire world. Access to basic healthcare is faulty, the way people are treated is faulty and the medical healthcare in Romania is considered to be the worst in Europe.

Romania currently occupies the first place when it comes to the rate of intra-hospital infections and death due to cancer or cardiovascular disease. And in terms of health expenses, per capita, we are at the bottom of the European ranking.

Improvement of the Medical System

In Rotary, we are very focused on transforming the medical system. But the system needs to be changed on many planes, and this is only done if we manage to transform the way we pay attention to our health ourselves. The secret is to act NOW, strong and determined, to change mentalities and realities alike.

What Do We Do about It?

Preventive actions are essential in a healthy medical system. Rotary runs multiple community education and outreach programs to prevent the spread of disease. We currently have hundreds of such projects carried out internationally.

Rotary is working on several planes in terms of treating diseases, both at the general level and in specific places, from setting up temporary clinics and blood donation centers to building training facilities in the communities served. We are also involved in creating infrastructure that enables physicians, patients and governments to collaborate effectively.

Our major efforts are against diseases such as malaria, HIV / AIDS, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and polio. Our goal is to build an effective control system for each of these diseases through preventive movements or infrastructure for the development of treatments. Health education plays an essential role in this endeavor, which is why we offer people routine checks for hearing, seeing and dental care.

One of the most ambitious projects we have, but at the same time, one of the most successful, is End Polio.

As part of this extensive project, Rotary has helped immunize over 2.5 billion children in 122 countries. To date, Rotary has contributed more than $ 1.8 billion to eradicating the disease worldwide.

We believe it can

be done!

Yes, we can have a proper medical system, we can be healthier and live longer, in better conditions. This is why we need to mobilize as much force as possible and take action, like we do in Rotary everyday.